Our Projects

1. Supply and installation of the following at Chebango Tea Factory
a. Local Area Network
b. Fiber Optic
c. CCTV System
d. Point to point link
e. Wifi connections and Hot spot
2. Kenyatta University
a. Installation of;
i. LAN at Digital school city Campus LAB
ii. KU FM Studio LAN
iii. Confucius Institute Offices
iv. Maintenance of fiber links connecting to various places
v. Supply of computer accessories
3. Overall of telephony system at ACA
Programing, configuration of Panasonic system
4. Maintenance of DPP telephony system
5. Installation of LAN and CCTV at Concord Petroleum offices
6. Provision of fiber links at UN-Women
7. Migration and installation of Panasonic PABX at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU)
8. Provision of internet connection to BETIN